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Karma, a new weekly event starting on Wednesday, April 9th w/ guest DJ Skot Rip-L!!

We welcome you to attend our grand opening of Karma, at the Lotus Lounge on Wednesday, April 9th, 2008. You'll be greeted with a 16 foot waterfall lightly trickling underneath a transparent stairway as you are lead into a euphoric banquet of pleasurable and tasteful Asian cuisine. Karma will have heavy music emphasis based on 80's, old school Goth, and New Wave music. We will start the night promptly at 9:00pm and end at 2:00am,and we will also have a happy hour in between those times from 10:00-11:00pm w/free Sushi and champagne. Karma is a free event and is 21+,please bring proper photo ID. Everyone is welcome who are 21+ w/a proper photo ID at Karma and we are very excited to bring you this event at the Lotus Lounge every Wednesday night.
We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday April 9th, and we hope that you'll celebrate our grand opening at the Lotus Lounge!!

Joining us on Wednesday, April 9th, will be guest DJ Skot Rip-L, he has DJ'ed at clubs like:
Trax,The Roxy,The 5th Column(Poseurs),Club Heaven & Hell,The Opera,Roxy (Resurrection/Ground Zero),Dr Dremos (Purgatorio), CLub Nation (Alchemy),The Tomb.

With the experience he has behind the decks, you'll find set lists like: New Model Army, The Sister of Mercy, Fields Of The Nephilim,Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, The Swans, Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, Nine Inch Nails, Pig, Dead Can Dance, Peter Murphy, Bauhaus, Death In June David Bowie, Gary Numan, Luxt, The Stone Roses,& Danzig. (Just to name a few.:)

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